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Stack: Ruby, Rails,
Ember.js, CSS, HTML, Swift, jQuery, JavaScript
      Version Control: Github, Bit Bucket
      Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
      Testing: RSpec, Capybara, Minitest

         Mobile: Phonegap, XCode, Swift
      Hosting: Heroku, Digital Ocean


Work on main application solving bugs, adding features, and refactoring legacy code Plan, execute, and code smaller, new applications as we split the main application into microservices.

Foodstand powered by Purpose 
Worked as a full-time contractor to help build product’s first version. Application is a rails, ember, phonegap mobile app.

Other sites:
Meal planner website for family planning using acts as taggable on, ransack, bootstrap-datepicker-rails, rspec, capybara, pry, thin, and twitter-bootstrap. Built in Ruby and Rails with CSS and HTML.

UM DC Game: Used jQuery and Javascript, omniauth authentication, and more complex CSS and HTML design. 

Bot: Developed an IRC bot to replace a current broken channel bot. Utilized cinch for quick bot setup. Implemented a database to track user points and allow scoring. Deployed bot to a server.

Ruby Gem: In conjunction with Five Tools Development, developed an open source ruby gem connected to the Salsa Labs api enabling users to acquire email campaign information more effectively. Utilized http client and api connection. Testing with RSpec and VCR.
    • Conference speaker including RubyConf Australia 2016, Ruby on Ales 2016, Write/Speak/Code 2016, Abstractions 2016, and Ruby Nation 2014 and 2015
    • Powerful Female Programmer award recipient 2015 and 2016
    • Frequent Panel speaker on transitioning into tech, women in business, Ruby on Rails, mentorship, and more
    • Meetup presenter on various tech-related topics
    • Organizer of the Rails Girls DC chapter; past workshop participant and coach
    • Organizer of Silver Spring Ruby meetup group and active member of other DC-area meetups Featured in Ember Weekly #51
    • Chosen to be an Opportunity Scholarship Recipient for RubyConf 2013 and StrangeLoop 2014, 2015, and 2016
    • Mentored every cohort of women in General’s Web Development Immersive course
    • Member of DCFemTech, a coalition of women coordinating larger DC women in tech initiatives and encouraging greater participation and lower barriers to entry for women in tech 

    Partial Work Experience:

    • Work on main application solving bugs, adding features, and refactoring legacy code
    • Plan, execute, and code smaller, new applications as we split the main application into microservices
    • Pair frequently with other developers to reach effective outcomes for problems and improve my coding abilities
    • Work independently on detailed tasks to complete them
    • Successfully work as the only remote junior developer
    • Active participant in team's weekly tech talks and book club
    • Lead organizer of quarterly "DevFest", engineering team gatherings
    • Developed successful communication with DC campus team providing a model for other campus/remote employees
    • Mentor immersive course women

    Foodstand powered by Purpose                                                      
    • Worked as a full-time contractor to help build product's first version. Application is a rails, ember, phonegap mobile app.
    • Tested with Minitest
    • Managed contentious vendor/client relationship
    • Accomplished tasks with minimal senior technical guidance
    • Assisted in creating and establishing new, positive developer culture for company at-larger
    • Learned new frameworks and skills as required
    • Provided technical guidance and organized technical team
    • Created product pitch
    • Helped team craft customer development strategy and key startup success metrics

    Neighborsations, Inc                                                       
    • Managed an external development team to build the site while learning Ruby on Rails
    • Chosen as a 1776 incubated company
    • Developed all user acquisition and customer retention strategies
    • Bootstrapped all aspects of the company and maximized available resources

    Israel on Campus Coalition                                                    
    Managing Director

    • Designed three organization websites
    • Managed all internal components of the organization
    • Supervised eight full-time staff, guiding them on all projects, funding sources, leadership, and professional development
    • Oversaw over $2 million budget and diversification of revenue sources
    • Developed and implemented new programs and a new strategic direction, mission, and vision including doubling staff size


    • Advanced level in Hebrew, basic level in French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic
    • Led eleven immersion experiences both nationally and internationally, focused on leadership development, community service, and cultural exchange
    • Audited four classes at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business
    • Informally train senior developers on becoming a better mentor and how to mentor less experienced developers
    • Took 12 week Introduction to Mobile Development at General 

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