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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Interesting Reads 5/24 - 5/30

There's a whole boatload of good stuff this week! First, There are links to three more talks from RailsConf. Then another talk about leveling up. After that a few interesting blog posts. Finally, agood explanation of dotfiles.


Sean Marcia is awesome and this is his great talk about Bees and saving the world:

Harking back to my management days a bit, this is a good talk about decision making and team working in tech:

Okay, I think I've only made it through 5 databases so far but interesting overviews:

Another talk, but not from RailsConf, about taking your engineering role to the next level:

Information anxiety and how to parse through what you need/want to learn:

Great post on mentorship:

Interesting post on coding principles every engineer should know. Do you agree? Which would you add?:

Lastly, this week I had to set up my first new computer for development. A friend passed this along to me. It's a great step-through of dot files which, I think, seem super intimidating, but aren't IRL:

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